Are you thinking of upgrading or updating your kitchen? Here are some ideas that will make you sweat or cause you to cut a corner of your budget in order to have a new kitchen. If you follow the kitchen renovation in Winnipeg methods outlined above, it is expected that the process will take no longer than one month.

Reclaim the kitchen wall to create a workspace.
Make the most of the vacant space by changing it into a wall pantry or an effective workspace equipped with conveniently available cupboards. This is accomplished by utilizing the upper deck cabinets as storage in an otherwise unused wall. The majority of kitchen designs include a door that leads to the patio. This area would otherwise be considered unused, but it can be readily regained by using cabinets that are specifically built to fit into this tight space.

Limit your height to the cabinet’s standard specifications.
The height of a desk should be between 27 and 30 inches from the ground. It’s especially important to keep track of this height if you plan to put counters right on top of the cabinets. To avoid accidentally banging your head while working in the kitchen, upper cabinets should have a gap allowance of around 19 inches.

Make a play area for the children.
Kids’ items are always strewn about the kitchen, virtually everywhere. Why not establish a ‘hidden’ storage area where your children’s clatter is tucked away in their small nook when no one is using it?

Allow for the storage of shopping baskets and paper bags.
You can make a basket section in which you can put all of your used containers, bottles, and paper bags that need to be cleaned or recycled. You can also store your shopping baskets here so that you can readily access them on your way to the mall.

What about the lighting?
Renovating your kitchen will almost certainly result in more dark corners or blind spots, for which a standard table lamp may not be adequate. This is crucial, and you may need the expertise of a skilled electrician to set up some type of overhead lighting that will brighten the space.

You can make use of the vertical space available to you.
If you have a limited amount of horizontal space, you can make use of the available space by creating vertical cabinets lined with compartments for additional storage.

In the kitchen, a bookshelf?
You might want to make your kitchen feel more like your study or living area by adding a book rack to hold your favorite books when relaxing in your kitchen. Add flowers and other paintings to the shelf to spice it up even more.

Use a unique wallpaper.
If you don’t want to spend money on decent wallpaper, you can use painter’s tape in a variety of colors to tape the floor from floor to ceiling or wall to wall to create a distinct pattern that may be better than wallpaper.

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