Renovations to the kitchen and bathroom are two of the most typical remodeling tasks undertaken by Winnipeg homeowners. These areas see a lot of traffic and are essential components of every home. It’s crucial not to overlook your home’s bathrooms, even if you have a lovely, up-to-date kitchen. Here are the top reasons to renovate your bathroom, as well as how Winnipeg Renovations can help.

Take Advantage Of A Newly Updated Look

You have to admit that having a nice, new bathroom would be wonderful. Walking into a gorgeous bathroom is a lovely way to start and end each day, with fashionable and updated plumbing fixtures, a new bathtub and shower, relaxing paint colours, and beautiful natural stone or tile. Imagine walking across gleaming new tile floors and into your brand-new steam shower, which has a floor-to-ceiling glass door. You stroll across the room after turning on the brushed nickel shower handle to click a button to turn on the lights, scrutinizing yourself in the nicely framed mirror that runs the length of your dual-sink vanity. You enter inside and place a towel on the custom-installed towel bar on the exterior of your big shower enclosure, ready for steaming, spa-like enjoyment. Ah! This might very well be you!

One of the advantages of bathroom renovation, aside from providing you with years of delight, is the opportunity to sell your property faster and for a greater price. When the main components of a home, such as a kitchen and a bathroom, are remodeled, homeowners in the Winnipeg region discover that their property sells faster. Homes that have been refurbished are likewise worth more money. Potential buyers will perceive old, outdated bathrooms as a liability and demand a significant price drop if they walk into the house. You’ll never have another chance to create a good first impression on a buyer; by upgrading your property before putting it on the market, you’ll be inundated with high-value bids.

Bring Your Bathroom Into the 21st Century
Another advantage of renovating your bathroom? You’ll be able to take advantage of all the new fixtures have to offer. The experts at Kitchen and Home have everything you need to transform your bathroom from a utility space into an at-home spa, from jetted tubs that shoot air rather than water (making them easier to clean and maintain) to shower fixtures with multi-directional heads that can spray and massage your entire body. We’ll convert your bathroom into the 21st century with anything from specialty lighting to magnificent all-glass shower enclosures.

Individual Lifestyle Requirements
To fit the lifestyle needs of yourself or a family member, you may need to modify bathrooms in a new home or adjust those in your current home. Perhaps a restroom needs to be remodeled to make it wheelchair accessible. If you have an elderly relative, you may want to consider installing a walk-in shower or a step-in bathtub in their bathroom to make it safer for them. If your family is expanding, converting a shower-only bathroom to a kid-friendly bathtub will be extremely beneficial. If your family is rapidly expanding, you may want to consider adding a completely new bathroom.

Increase Your Home’s Overall Value
Most realtors agree that the bathroom and kitchen are two of the most significant features buyers look for when inspecting a home. Improving the aesthetics of your home, such as worktops, faucets, and tub surrounds, as well as painting these rooms, can increase the market value and attract potential buyers.

You can also add an ensuite or even an extra bathroom to boost the value of your home even further. If the property only has one bathroom, replace it with a three-piece bathroom. This one project will significantly increase the property’s market value. In most circumstances, deciding on the ideal kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects is difficult for property owners and managers. Contact a professional who can assess your home and assist you in deciding on remodeling changes that will increase its worth.

Bathroom renovations can improve a home’s energy efficiency.
It is very cost-effective to purchase energy-efficient fixtures such as low-flow toilets and showerheads. If you’re concerned about reduced water pressure, the difference between the new energy-efficient items and the old ones is likely to be negligible. It’s also a good idea to replace your outdated lighting with energy-saving LED lights.

These modifications may appear insignificant, but they can assist cut your property’s energy use and reducing your environmental effect. Energy efficiency can help you save a lot of money on your monthly costs.

Make Your Bathroom More Relaxing by Adding More Space
If you often feel packed in your bathroom and believe there isn’t enough room for two or more people to use it at the same time, it’s time to think about a renovation project that could expand it. To ensure lots of space, get a professional to build an exceptional bathroom renovation plan. Remember that you can expand your bathroom with either a well-planned layout with perfectly matched fixtures or a major overhaul and construction.

Work with a professional whether you want to add storage in unusual places or replace your large vanity with a smaller one. As much as you want to make your bathroom roomier, make sure it remains useful and comfortable. Consider replacing your old tub with an expensive spa, installing a tiled shower with many showerheads, and choosing colours that are soothing and relaxing.

Improve The Bathroom Aesthetics Of Your Home

It’s likely that the grandeur of your newly-refurbished bathroom or ensuites will astound you. Rather than being upset by the old fixtures and chipped countertops when you go in, the improved aesthetic and practicality of a professionally refurbished bathroom may make you feel more relaxed and cheerful.

Though the aesthetic of a bathroom is rarely given much weight by property owners and managers, it can help one enjoy living in that property more. One of the reasons you should contact a trustworthy bathroom remodeling company is because of this. This will assist you in making significant changes to your current bathroom.

We’ve Got You Covered For Bathroom Renovations In Winnipeg. Winnipeg Renovations can help you ensure that the bathroom in your Winnipeg-area home meets your needs, no matter what they are. To get started, have one of our design specialists come to your home for a consultation by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us today at 204-806-1276.

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  1. I like that you talked about how it is time to think about a renovation project that could expand your bathroom if you often feel packed in it. I think my ensuite is too cramped so I am thinking of having it renovated. I want to get quality results, so I should definitely ask for ensuite renovation services.

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